biologie foot cooling cream

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  • biologie foot cooling cream
  • biologie foot cooling cream
  • biologie foot cooling cream

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Here's a royal treat for your feet that will get you back on track! This foot cream is brimming with Peppermint to relieve itching and inflammation; Tea Tree for healing and anti-septic properties; Eucalyptus to cool and deodorize; Rosemary to improve circulation and soothe away the aches, all within ultra-rich moisturizing Mongongo nut oil to soften and feed your skin. Apply the cream gently between your toes and onto the balls of your feet. Lightly massage the inner soles.
Rosemary Essential Oil - to improve circulation and soothe away aches
Peppermint Essential Oil - to relieve itching and irritation
Tea Tree Essential Oil: for its anti-septic and anti-bacterial healing qualities
Aloe FeroxLeaf Extract* - smoothesand softens skin
MongongoNut Oil* - to soften, moisturiseand feed your skin
Sunflower Seed Oil - high in vitamins A, D and E,anti-oxidant, moisturiser, forms a protective germ resistant barrier on the skin
ArganOil: regenerating, rejuvenating
SheaButter: high in vitamin A, E & F –improves skin tone
*Wild Harvested African Oils
100% Naturally Derived Ingredients
Size: 100ml / 3.16fl oz
Fragrance allergens: Limonene**, Linalool**
** a component of natural essential oils
*Wild Harvested African Oils
Caution to suffers of epilepsy, high blood pressure and during the first trimester of pregnancy.

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