hot balm therapy

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  • hot balm therapy
  • hot balm therapy
  • hot balm therapy

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Rub onto chest, neck and under nose to relieve congestion and open sinuses. This product is perfect for anyone who has a cold or flu.
Camphor Oil: decongestant and analgesic
Menthol Oil: analgesic
Cajuput Oil: nature’s own pain killer
Peppermint Oil: refreshing
Mandarin Oil: calmative and anti-spasmodic
Wintergreen Leaf Oil: anti-inflammatory
100% Naturally Derived Ingredients

•Not for children under 2 years.
•Not to be used in pregnancy.
•Not suitable for asthma sufferers.
•Should not be used by people with aspirin allergy.
CONTAINS: Methyl Salicylate

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